Want to register to vote as Libertarian? Help us make it possible!

The process to make the Libertarian Party an officially recognized political party in Maine begins now!

We need to send the state the signatures of ten registered voters who are not registered as being in any of the recognized parties, a.k.a. Unenrolled Voters, on a form declaring the intent to form a party by registration.

The LPME Executive Committee is meeting tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 20th) at 10 A.M. at the Brunswick Library, if you want to help us with your signature, please show up. If you can't, but would still like to sign, call us at 207-518-7493, or e-mail [email protected] We can have someone to meet you to sign the form, as the form can only be turned in this month.

This is but the first step... 

After we get our declaration to the secretary of state, the form will be reviewed, municipalities will be informed, and we estimate that sometime in January, voters can change their voter registration to Libertarian.

By the end of 2015, we need to get 5,000 voters to do this to become a recognized party. 

If we do this, we will need to have regional caucuses (at least one in each of the counties) and a state convention in early 2016 (we always have a state convention in that timeframe anyway). And will have party primaries for partisan state offices. 

Most importantly, we will not have to circulate petitions for our presidential candidate. All we need to do is inform the secretary of state's office who we nominate at our national convention. The thousands of dollars that have to be spent, and the many hours of volunteer time will be freed up to focus on local races. 

If during the 2016 election year, we get our registration totals to over 10,000. We'll have our recognized party status cemented for the 2018 election year. if we can get 5,000 during a the non-election year of 2015, the second 5,000 during a presidential election year will be easy.

2016 can be a big year for Libertarians in Maine, and 2015 will be about putting in the preparations that will make it possible.

More to come...