Week in Campaigns 9/17/17


Each week we'll bring you news and events from candidates vying for the Libertarian nomination.  All views expressed are those of the candidates and do not reflect the views of the party or its leadership.  This week we have an in-depth interview, a word about the resiliency of our neighbors, and some upcoming events.


Brian Kresge, United States Congress 2nd District

Brian discussed his experiences in the aftermath of Katrina and the confidence he has that those affected by Harvey and Irma will be able to rebuild with the help of their communities.    

Richard Light, Governor

Richard was interviewed by the Maine Patriots this week.  The full text of that interview can be found here.

Upcoming Event

Three candidates--Richard Light, Chris Lyons, and Don McCann will all be speaking at the Rally to Denounce Political Violence. They will join other voices to speak about how we can discuss our differences in a peaceful and constructive way.