Urgent: Petitioning help needed Saturday in Rockland area.

Urgent message from Shawn Levasseur:


In order to get on the ballot for the special election for the State House seat representing Rockland and Owl's Head, I have been given two weeks to get the needed petition signatures.

The weather has proven that this has been the worst possible two weeks to have to do this in. Blizzards made the first week a near washout. Fortunately I've been able to get a quarter of the signatures i need over this past weekend (along with some frozen toes from the effort)

But more storms may hit during the week, and the signatures are due this coming Monday in Augusta. This coming weekend will determine if I will be able to get on the printed ballot, or have to run as a write-in.

So with this in mind, I'm encouraging anyone who can help with petitioning on Saturday the 14th.  If you can help, please call me at 207-594-9365, or email me at [email protected]. With more hands we can cover several locations at the same time, and be able to ensure that the Libertarian Party will be represented on the special election ballot this March 10th.

I'll be petitioning on Sunday the 15th as well, if need be, and would be glad for any help on that day as well, but there aren't as many prime locations open on that day. 

Thanks for your support.