This Week in Campaigns 8/13/17

Each week we'll bring you news and events submitted by candidates vying for the Libertarian nomination.  All views expressed are those of the candidate and do not reflect the views of the party or its leadership.  This week we bring you news from the US Senate race and a kickoff in the Second Congressional District.

Brian Kresge

Brian Kresge, a senior application developer and active member of our armed forces, has announced his candidacy for Maine's 2nd Congressional District.  In his announcement he stated, "Now, more than ever, we are ready for a third way in politics, one that respects civil liberties and your wallet.  I look forward to a positive, issues-based campaign, meeting citizens, and building on Governor Johnson’s success in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. The Libertarian Party is here and is serious about representing your interests."  To read the full text of his announcement, please click here.

Chris Lyons

Candidate for the United States Senate Chris Lyons was featured in the Brunswick Times Record this week.  He was quoted as saying, "We want individual freedom, and we’re going to increase that.  Seventy percent of Mainers are gonna realize, once they know what a Libertarian is, that they are one."  To read the complete article, click here.

Additionally, Chris Lyons will be participating in Waterville's A Pie in the Face of City Celebrities on September 2nd.  Proceeds from the event will go towards buying school supplies for area children.  Read more about the event here.