This Week in Campaigns 9/3/17


Each week we'll bring you news and events from candidates vying for the Libertarian nomination.  All views expressed are those of the candidates and do not reflect the views of the party or its leadership.  Unfortunately summer is winding down, but campaign season will soon be getting in to gear.  Here are a few tidbits from this past week.

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This Week in Campaigns 8/27/17

Each week we'll bring you news and events submitted by candidates vying for the Libertarian nomination.  All views expressed are those of the candidate and do not reflect the views of the party or its leadership.  It's been a quiet week, but here are a few items we think you'll be interested in.

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This Week in Campaigns 8/20/17

Each week we'll bring you news and events submitted by candidates vying for the Libertarian nomination.  All views expressed are those of the candidate and do not reflect the views of the party or its leadership.  This week we bring you news from three candidates seeking our nomination.

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This Week in Campaigns 8/13/17

Each week we'll bring you news and events submitted by candidates vying for the Libertarian nomination.  All views expressed are those of the candidate and do not reflect the views of the party or its leadership.  This week we bring you news from the US Senate race and a kickoff in the Second Congressional District.

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Mainers Deserve Better


Our state government shutdown is being lauded in some circles, but it is not a cause for celebration.  It’s further proof that our system is broken.  In six months our current legislature has not been able to craft a budget they can agree on.  They talk about problems that need to be addressed—very real problems in education, our aging population, immigration, and land conservation.  However, all this talk focuses on how much money can be raised or spent and which groups should and should not be taxed, not on achieving outcomes that would improve the lives of the average Mainer.

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LPME Maintains Party Status

Maine Libertarian Party Formally Declared Official Political Party in Maine

LPME Becomes Fourth Party on Maine Ballots


 Augusta   - The Libertarian Party of Maine (LPME) has officially been declared a recognized political party in the State of Maine.   The Libertarian Party will now enjoy ballot listing status as an official and recognized political party on all Maine ballots effective immediately.  The action is the result of a recent law passed in this state legislative session that became effective on Friday, June 23rd.

“We are excited to have our status as a formal and official political party in Maine formally recognized by true ballot access across Maine” said Clark Phinney, State Party Chair.   “The LPME has long championed this right and we are grateful that after a long and unnecessary battle in both the courts and the legislature we are now able to have the same rights as the other major political parties in our state”.

The Maine Libertarian Party joins the Republican, Democrat, and Green Independents as officially recognized parties with ballot access.  This status comes after a long and extended battle that ultimately resulted in the LPME winning a court challenge to the Maine Secretary of State’s office ruling related to status and voter registration.  Because of the court ruling, and to avoid further litigation, the Secretary of State’s office submitted two bills to the Maine legislature this session to assist in formalizing party status for new and emerging political parties.  One of those bills, LD 1571, was passed by both the Maine House and Senate and has become enacted without Governor LePage’s signature following the required 10 days under Maine law.



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Phinney Assumes Chairmanship

Marks a return to senior leadership with LPME


Augusta, ME - Clark Phinney of Winthrop was named as State Chair of the Maine Libertarian Party today following the resignation of former State Chair Chris Lyons. Lyons resigned to focus on an expected run for the United States Senate later this year. “It is an honor to return as State Chair of a political party I so strongly support and have been active in for many years” said Phinney “I am grateful to Chris and the entire Executive Committee for their support and for the amazing efforts these last few months on behalf of the Libertarian Party of Maine”. This is Phinney’s second time as State Chair having previously served in 2008-2009 for a term. Lyons had served since election at the most recent state LP convention last year. He is expected to announce his candidacy for the Libertarian nomination for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Angus King. “The Libertarian Party both here in Maine and across the nation is growing quickly and is proving to be a viable party for thousands of voters looking to limit the influence and control of government in their daily lives and support the rights and freedoms of themselves, their friends, families and others”. Said Phinney “As the Maine LP works here in Maine to formalize what the courts and the voting citizens have already loudly said we as a party look forward to sharing our positions and ideas for a smaller, more efficient government with the voters of Maine”. The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 and is known as “The Party of Principle” for consistently supporting limited government and maximized individual freedoms. Since its founding the LP has become the fastest growing political party in the United States.


Resolve to Become an LPME Member in 2017!

Salutations & Happy New Year fellow Libertarians,

My name is Chris and I was elected Chair for the Libertarian Party of Maine in May, 2016.
What nail biting, exciting years 2015 & 2016 have been for LPME. We did battle with the state and won. We did battle with the federal district court and won. We registered thousands of Libertarian voters. Our presidential candidate received over 5% of the votes in CD 1 and 6% in CD 2. We had two Libertarian presidential candidates seeking the nomination speak at our convention. And best of all, it seems that the state of Maine will be passing revised laws to ensure we maintain our official party status.
In view of our pending official party status, we are planning a special celebration of becoming Maine's fourth political party,most likely on April 15. We are bringing in noted speakers, food and hold a special convention to amend the bylaws so we can hold primaries in 2018. We are most hopeful you will be able to join us for this auspicious occasion.
Also, we are organizing local, informal meet ups for Libertarians in several areas during the month of January. An opportunity to converse and enjoy. This information will be available by Jan. 2 via the Libertarian Party of Maine facebook page and the LPME website;
I am contacting you to see if you would consider becoming a Maine Libertarian member. Your membership will help us to provide state candidates for the forth coming 2018 elections; including a candidate for Governor being on the ballot as a Libertarian.
The easiest way to become a member is to visit our website, We have been told it is one of the better websites for it is easy to navigate.
I trust this letter finds you and yours well and ready to advance the principles of freedom and liberty.
Chris Lyons
LPME - Chair

Johnson/Weld ads now running in Maine

Reason magazine is reporting that the Americans Deserve Better PAC is running television and radio ads here in Maine's 2nd congressional district over the next two weeks.


Ballot Access Update: WE WIN!!!


Court Ruling reinstates Libertarian Party voter registrations, enabling Libertarian Presidential ballot access.

Today (Friday, May 27th), Judge John Woodcock of the US District Court ruled for injunctive relief in the Libertarian Party of Maine's lawsuit against the Maine Secretary of State, reinstating 4513 enrollments of registered voters in the Libertarian Party, and extending the period of time required to achieve 5000 enrolled members to July 12, 2016.

This means that if 487 more people register to vote as Libertarians, the Libertarian Party will have their Presidential nominee on the November ballot in Maine.

This news is timely as the Libertarian Party is holding their national convention in Orlando, Florida this weekend (Friday, May 27th to Monday May 30th) to nominate their Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates.

Amongst the contenders for the nomination are former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, television producer and libertarian activist Austin Petersen who spoke at the Maine Libertarian convention. Both of these candidates tied for first in a straw poll held at the Maine Libertarian convention.

The final presidential debate, will be held Saturday evening (May 28th), at 8 P.M., to be broadcast live on C-SPAN.

The nominating elections will be held Sunday morning (May 29th), and will be covered live on C-SPAN.