Resolve to Become an LPME Member in 2017!

Salutations & Happy New Year fellow Libertarians,

My name is Chris and I was elected Chair for the Libertarian Party of Maine in May, 2016.
What nail biting, exciting years 2015 & 2016 have been for LPME. We did battle with the state and won. We did battle with the federal district court and won. We registered thousands of Libertarian voters. Our presidential candidate received over 5% of the votes in CD 1 and 6% in CD 2. We had two Libertarian presidential candidates seeking the nomination speak at our convention. And best of all, it seems that the state of Maine will be passing revised laws to ensure we maintain our official party status.
In view of our pending official party status, we are planning a special celebration of becoming Maine's fourth political party,most likely on April 15. We are bringing in noted speakers, food and hold a special convention to amend the bylaws so we can hold primaries in 2018. We are most hopeful you will be able to join us for this auspicious occasion.
Also, we are organizing local, informal meet ups for Libertarians in several areas during the month of January. An opportunity to converse and enjoy. This information will be available by Jan. 2 via the Libertarian Party of Maine facebook page and the LPME website;
I am contacting you to see if you would consider becoming a Maine Libertarian member. Your membership will help us to provide state candidates for the forth coming 2018 elections; including a candidate for Governor being on the ballot as a Libertarian.
The easiest way to become a member is to visit our website, We have been told it is one of the better websites for it is easy to navigate.
I trust this letter finds you and yours well and ready to advance the principles of freedom and liberty.
Chris Lyons
LPME - Chair