The Libertarian Party of Maine has recently implemented a new computer system that will make it easier for local libertarian groups to organize local meetings and events.  Our database has over one thousand supporters and thousands of interested prospects with whom we can communicate by email, text message and via Facebook and Twitter.  We would like to use all of our systems to help organize meetings of local groups anywhere in Maine so that we can get to know each other, develop a common agenda, and become a political voice.


Here is the step by step process for organizing a local meeting:


  1. A motivated Volunteer becomes a point person for a local meetup and contacts LPME with a proposed location and time

  2. Initially the groups will not be too large and can be easily accommodated at free venues ranging from donut shops to public libraries

  3. We will use the LPME database to generate a list of potential participants for an appropriate geographic area

  4. LPME will send an email blast to local potential participants along with tweeting out the announcement and placing an announcement on LPME Facebook page.

  5. has an events page where the meeting time, location, and agenda will be announced

  6. The attendees will be asked to RSVP on the events page so that the point person will know whom to expect

  7. We meet.


The agenda for early meetings organized via this process may include a report by the LPME chairman Jorge Maderal on our organizing and voter registration (he is committed to attending as many meetings as he can), discussion of our position on current issues in the state (e.g. Gov. LePage tax plan), as well as issues important to local group members.  We would like to be a place where libertarian leaning individuals can meet like-minded people even if they are not ready to join the political party just yet.

Please email us at [email protected] 

We am looking forward to hearing from you so that we can work together on building a thriving Libertarian community in Maine.