Lobster Raffle for Thanksgiving!


Lobsters & Thanksgiving?

A growing tradition in Maine is forgoing the usual Thanksgiving turkey, and go with a Lobster feast instead. Appropriate, as lobsters were likely a part of the first Thanksgiving feast as well, according to historians. And if this holiday is all about giving thanks for our blessings, why not celebrate one of the oldest continuously operated industries in our country's history? 

And since our summer lobster raffles did so well, we decided to help grow this tradition, and raise funds for the Maine Libertarians at the same time.

The Maine Libertarians will be holding a raffle for 20 pounds of live Maine lobsters, shipped to anywhere in the continental U.S. The drawing will be held on this week, So get your entries in NOW! 

Tickets for the lobster raffle are $5 each. Enter as often as you like to increase your chances! 

October 01, 2018 at 12pm - November 17, 2018

Will you come?

$50.00 Ten entries into raffle
$25.00 Five entries into raffle
$10.00 Two entries into raffle
$5.00 One entry into raffle