Jorge Maderal: Why I'm a Libertarian

As #ReRegister month continues, we hear from our 1st District Rep and former Chair, Jorge Maderal, why he is a Libertarian.  We hope Jorge's powerful words resonate with you.  If you're a registered Libertarian, we'd love to have you share your reasons for joining us.  If you're not a registered Libertarian, we encourage you to visit your town office or city hall and register as a Libertarian.

From Jorge Maderal:

My number one reason for being a libertarian is the belief in the primacy of the individual over the collective. It is the individual that seeks to help his neighbor. It is the individual that strives for success and knowledge. It is the individual who has a limited sphere of influence.

I also strongly believe in the non-aggression principle. This is a principle that when properly applied allows for the proper restraint of governmental and political power.

Combining these two principles leads to a more effectual form of governance that adheres to major tenants of American political thought that being; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.