Drug Legalization "Agnostic" is Asking for More DEA Action in a Medical Journal

Respectable professors at the top of American academia are eager to give advice on regulation of marijuana edibles. The preeminent New England Journal of Medicine this month features an article with the title 'Half-Baked — The Retail Promotion of Marijuana Edibles' by Robert MacCoun, a Stanford Law School professor, writing about the dangers of inadequate regulation of marijuana edibles. It looks like MacCoun, who previously published 'An Agnostic's Guide to the Drug Legalization Debate,' has studied the matter and is ready to advise governments on minute details of pot regulation.

Despite the timely subject matter, the article carries the baggage of fear and prohibition. Instead of using a picture of a modern labeled and regulated product from Colorado, the authors used a nine year old picture from the DEA website that I am attaching here.

While the picture is meant to illustrate for doctors the risks of accidental poisoning of children, it also illustrates the point that even a seemingly forward looking expert is stuck in the past. Instead of making suggestions for how Colorado and Washington can do better today, MacCoun laments the "wide berth" enjoyed by the edibles industry, "that federal agencies are unwilling or unable to narrow."

So here is the state of affairs in 2015. While citizens are using the ballot initiative process in many states to move forward with marijuana legalization, an elite law school professor who claims that he is a legalization agnostic is using a nine year old picture to tell the readers of a medical journal that the DEA is not doing enough. Hasn't DEA done enough already?