Ballot Access Update: WE WIN!!!


Court Ruling reinstates Libertarian Party voter registrations, enabling Libertarian Presidential ballot access.

Today (Friday, May 27th), Judge John Woodcock of the US District Court ruled for injunctive relief in the Libertarian Party of Maine's lawsuit against the Maine Secretary of State, reinstating 4513 enrollments of registered voters in the Libertarian Party, and extending the period of time required to achieve 5000 enrolled members to July 12, 2016.

This means that if 487 more people register to vote as Libertarians, the Libertarian Party will have their Presidential nominee on the November ballot in Maine.

This news is timely as the Libertarian Party is holding their national convention in Orlando, Florida this weekend (Friday, May 27th to Monday May 30th) to nominate their Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates.

Amongst the contenders for the nomination are former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, television producer and libertarian activist Austin Petersen who spoke at the Maine Libertarian convention. Both of these candidates tied for first in a straw poll held at the Maine Libertarian convention.

The final presidential debate, will be held Saturday evening (May 28th), at 8 P.M., to be broadcast live on C-SPAN.

The nominating elections will be held Sunday morning (May 29th), and will be covered live on C-SPAN.