Ballot Access FAQ

Does the Libertarian Party have ballot access in Maine?


No, but almost. We need to get to 5,000 voters to register as Libertarian by July 12th, 2016. We have over 4,500 confirmed, and more in the pipeline.

Am I registered as a Libertarian?


Did you register as a Libertarian between January 1st and December 1st of 2015? Then maybe. But check to be sure, sometimes registrations don't go through correctly.

To check, you can ask with your town clerk. You can also use the feedback form below to ask us, as we have a list of voters registered as Libertarian Party members. 

How do I register as a Libertarian?


You can register in these ways:

  • Register at your polling place on the primary election day, Tuesday June 14th.
  • Register at your town office
  • Get a registration card online, print it, fill it out, mail it out.
  • Have us send you a registration card, fill it out, mail it out.

Follow the links above, and let us know you've registered, so we can verify that your registration has gone through correctly. 

What will happen once the LPME gets 5,000 registered voters?


The Libertarian Party will then be able to have its Presidential ticket on the ballot this fall. It's too late to get any other partisan candidates on the ballot. Though we will have at least one active write in campaign for congress, and at least one non-partisan race with a Libertarian in it.

How can the LPME keep ballot access beyond 2016?


To preserve ballot access for the future one of two things must happen at the November elections.

  • Our presidential ticket receives at least 5% of the vote in Maine OR
  • 10,000 registered Libertarians vote in the November elections.

Therefore it's important that we make sure all supporters of liberty update their voter registrations as soon as possible, and be sure to vote for Gary Johnson for President in the fall.