Maine Libertarian Presidential Nomination Straw Poll

At the end of our online convention to select Maine's delegates to the Libertarian National Convention, an online straw poll ballot was handed out to attendees. Here are the results...
A candidate who has yet to even declare his candidacy, Justin Amash was the first choice of all those who responded.
Of the declared candidates, 1996 Libertarian nominee for Vice-President Jo Jorgensen received the most second-choice votes and overall votes.
Closely behind her was the Future of Freedom Foundation founder, Jacob Hornberger.
Other candidates receiving votes were 2012 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee Judge James Gray, 2018 New York Governor candidate for the Libertarian Party Larry Sharpe, Ken Armstrong, Vermin Supreme, and Adam Kokesh.
This Poll will be now be expanded out to all sustaining members of the Libertarian Party of Maine.
The poll ballot is at this link, your name and e-mail address will be used to verify your status as a sustaining member.
If you are not already a sustaining member (a donor of at least $25 to the Libertarian Party over the past year) you may become a member at this link.
The poll will close on Friday May 1st, 2020 at 11:59 PM