Lobster Raffle For Maine Libertarian Ballot Access


Do you like lobsters and liberty?

Help with Maine’s efforts to maintain ballot access by entering this raffle!

From June 30th through the end of July the Maine Libertarians will be holding a raffle for 20 pounds of live Maine lobsters, shipped to anywhere in the continental U.S.

Tickets for the lobster raffle are $5 each. Enter as often as you like to increase your chances! 

We need your help to maintain ballot access.

In 2016, we needed 5,000 registered Libertarians to gain ballot access. With the help of libertarians throughout the country we were able to get there, and become a recognized party.

This year we need to have 10,000 registered Libertarians show up to vote in November in order to maintain this. Never mind who they vote for, they can turn in a blank ballot, so long as they show up at the polls.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to help with our registration drive to build up our numbers so that getting out 10,000 voters is an easier task.

Having this officially recognized status comes with many benefits that we don’t have before:

  • Automatic ballot access for our presidential ticket, once nominated and electors selected, with no petitioning required.
  • The ability to nominate candidates in special elections via a simple caucus.
  • And in one unique situation, we have a county commissioner, who while in office, switched from the GOP to the Libertarian Party. Due to his accepting a job with one of the towns in that county, he has to resign the post. Due to how the county charter is written, the Libertarian Party gets to pick his replacement via a town caucus!

To preserve all this, we need your help! Buy lobster raffle tickets, and you could be holding a lobster cookout this summer too!

June 30, 2018 at 6pm - 9pm

Will you come?

$50.00 Ten Lobster Tickets
$25.00 Five Lobster Tickets
$10.00 Two Lobster Tickets
$5.00 One Lobster Ticket